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Case Study

Ponkapoag Golf Course
Ponkapoag Golf Course

The Ponkapoag Golf Course is a 27-hole, Donald Ross-designed course that is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MassDCR).
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I have been very pleased with each of the projects I have worked on with ESS. From training volunteers in the field to lab work to filing Notices of Intent for lake management projects, all have gone perfectly. The deliverables have always been very thorough, professional, and well-crafted, leaving little room for comment. I look forward to our next project.

Tom Flannery, Aquatic Ecologist, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Lakes and Ponds Program

Wetland Assessments

Wetland assessmentESS has been conducting wetland assessments for public and private sector clients for more than 20 years. Our wetland assessment services encompass freshwater and coastal wetland delineation, wetland restoration, and mitigation planning and continues through permitting. Our staff includes a team of Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS), ecologists, and soil scientists who possess the requisite technical disciplines of wetland science. We are well versed in not only the technical aspects of the wetland science, but also the regulatory programs and policy guidance developed to protect the resource.

ESS wetland assessment services include:

  • Wetland Delineation and Inventories
  • Vernal Pool Studies
  • Wetland Functional Assessments
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluations
  • Wetland Restoration Planning and Design
  • Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Plans
  • GIS Analysis and Mapping
  • Environmental Impact Documents
  • Federal, State, and Local Wetland Permitting

Freshwater & Coastal Wetland Investigations

Current wetland delineation procedures include documentation of the presence of hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils, and hydrologic indicators. We have a thorough understanding of numerous state and federal wetland delineation methods including the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual. Our staff have conducted wetland investigations and field delineations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in both freshwater and coastal settings. To increase the efficiency and productivity of our field investigations we take full advantage of technology including sub-meter GPS, rugged handheld field computers, interactive GIS software tools, and customized electronic field data forms.

Restoration & Mitigation

We provide expertise in the design, permitting, construction supervision, and monitoring of wetland restoration and mitigation projects. Utilizing our extensive experience in the identification and delineation of wetlands, and our understanding of wetland functional assessments, we develop specific restoration and mitigation goals for vegetative composition and structure, soils, hydrology, and wildlife habitat. This technical expertise allows us to develop wetland mitigation and restoration plans that are based on the combination of ecological principals and sound engineering practices. The success of the wetland projects is a result of our experience in developing adaptable design plans and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our staff have been involved in restoration and monitoring for permit mitigation and compliance, energy generation and transmission projects, remediation and cleanup activities, water quality improvements, and site development projects.