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Water Resources & Stormwater

Case Study

Winchester Country Club
Winchester Country Club

For more than a decade, ESS has provided the Winchester Country Club with comprehensive environmental consulting and engineering services to support the Club’s routine maintenance and long-range capital improvement projects.
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The scientific foundation of ESS, in combination with a strong environmental engineering staff, provides a very well-balanced approach in dealing with ecosystem dynamics. They use a very sound scientific investigative basis for their decision making process. I highly recommend ESS to provide long-term pond management oversight.

Savas Danos, General Manager, Littleton Electric Light & Water

Water Supply Development

Recreational Water SupplyESS provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for water supply development and water management. Our water supply and water quality specialists have considerable experience characterizing groundwater and surface water systems and assessing their water supply potential. ESS helps clients find, permit, and manage water supplies. Our services address water supply, water quality, and water management. ESS has worked with clients on public and private drinking water supply resources, irrigation water supply for recreational facilities, and water supply for power generation and industrial facilities.

Our comprehensive water supply development services include:

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Demand and Flow Studies
  • Test Well Development
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Safe Yield Analysis
  • Reverse Osmosis Evaluations
  • Streamflow and Drought Analysis
  • Withdrawal and Diversion Permits
  • Board of Health Permitting and Reporting
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling
  • Conceptual Model Development
  • Predictive Analysis of Proposed Actions
  • Pump Test Evaluation/Capture Zone Analysis
  • Zone II Delineation for New Public Water Supplies
  • Wastewater Mounding Analysis
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

Water Management

ESS helps clients manage water supply resources by protecting water quality and monitoring flows. We implement water sampling and testing programs and model safe yields based on existing and historic flow data. ESS water supply scientists prepare and submit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and support clients with permit modifications and renewals. ESS also works with clients to mitigate water use impacts and implement best management practices, including practices that reduce water use. ESS has worked with several clients to develop gray water resources for reuse in industrial operations that do not require a potable water supply.

Irrigation Water Supply

Developing and maintaining an on-site water supply for irrigation is of increasing concern to developers and owners of facilities with landscaped and open space features. ESS has worked with several golf facilities to develop new irrigation water supply resources and to manage existing water features for use as supplemental irrigation. We also work with land development clients to implement stormwater management features, such as rain gardens and rain barrels, which provide natural on-site irrigation. For some facilities, gray water can also be a viable irrigation resource. ESS services in irrigation water supply development and management include:

  • Irrigation Supply Planning
  • Well and Pond Development
  • Water Quality and Sediment Sampling and Analysis
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Drainage Studies and Design
  • Nuisance and Invasive Species Management
  • Lake and Pond Management Plans
  • Nuisance Aquatic Plant Management
  • Pond Dredging Evaluations
  • Sediment Removal and Management