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Energy Generation & Transmission

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Athens Generating Plant
Athens Generating Plant

ESS began its work at the Athens Generating Plant in 1997 as the lead environmental consultant in charge of permitting this 1100 MW gas fired, combined cycle electric generation facility.
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ESS has handled our environmental permitting and compliance reporting needs since our facility's inception. From the initial planning stages all the way through construction and operation, ESS has successfully provided air quality modeling, permitting, annual compliance reporting, and emissions testing services that ensure our commitment to provide efficient, reliable energy to the surrounding community.

Dan DeVinney, Plant Manager, NAES-Athens Generating Plant

Natural Gas Pipelines & Storage Facilities

Gas Pipeline InstallationESS offers full-service environmental consulting services for natural gas transmission and storage projects and has provided environmental consulting for natural gas facilities including high pressure pipelines, distribution pipelines, compressor stations, and underground storage facilities. We specialize in siting, permitting, and environmental inspection services for linear projects. ESS prepares environmental impact documents, FERC Resource Reports and permit applications for federal, state, and federal reviews and approvals. We work closely with clients to achieve environmental compliance with FERC Certifications, construction commitments, and mitigation requirements.

Natural Gas Pipeline Routing Evaluations

ESS conducts desktop routing studies for pipeline projects using GIS resource information and databases. We use existing data sources and aerial photography to conduct desktop evaluations of alternative pipeline routes, compressor station and metering sites, staging areas and access roads. The data compiled during the routing evaluations is supplemented with detailed field surveys and site investigations to compile comprehensive impact assessments and FERC Resource Reports.

Natural Gas Pipelines & Storage Facility Services

  •           Route Planning & Alternatives Analysis
  •          Wetland Delineations, Functional Assessments & Mitigation Plans
  •          Wildlife Habitat Evaluations
  •          Rare, Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
  •          Invasive Species Management Plans
  •          Vegetation Cover Type Mapping
  •          River, Stream & Waterbody Investigations
  •          Air Quality & Noise Modeling
  •          Environmental Impact Documents & FERC Resource Reports
  •          Federal, State & Local Environmental Permit Applications
  •          Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
  •          Dewatering & Test Water Permitting
  •          Construction Inspection & Environmental Monitoring