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Energy Generation & Transmission

Case Study

Athens Generating Plant
Athens Generating Plant

ESS began its work at the Athens Generating Plant in 1997 as the lead environmental consultant in charge of permitting this 1100 MW gas fired, combined cycle electric generation facility.
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ESS has handled our environmental permitting and compliance reporting needs since our facility's inception. From the initial planning stages all the way through construction and operation, ESS has successfully provided air quality modeling, permitting, annual compliance reporting, and emissions testing services that ensure our commitment to provide efficient, reliable energy to the surrounding community.

Dan DeVinney, Plant Manager, NAES-Athens Generating Plant

Fossil Fuel Generation & Conversion

Electric Generation FacilityFor more than 20 years, ESS has provided environmental consulting and engineering services for power generation projects and related fuel storage and transmission facilities. ESS offers full life cycle support for its energy industry clients - from site selection, permitting, and construction to operational compliance and decommissioning support.

Project Success - Building Capacity, Reliability & Environmental Benefits

Many ESS power generation projects are now either under construction or in operation. These projects provide added generation capacity, improved reliability, and/or environmental benefits. Many also provide power at reduced cost thanks to more diverse fuel supplies and/or more efficient operating technologies.

Successfully permitted ESS energy projects include:

  • New combined-cycle gas-fired power generation facilities
  • New and repowered cogeneration facilities
  • Conversion of existing oil- and coal-fired generation facilities
  • New and expansions of electric transmission and natural gas pipeline interconnections
  • Due diligence for the transfer of existing assets

Environmental Due Diligence for Energy Facility Transactions

The required environmental due diligence for acquisition and divestiture of energy facility assets is driven by a comprehensive suite of federal and state air, water, and waste laws and regulations. ESS assists sellers and buyers of energy facilities with evaluating the environmental issues which can aid in estimating the environmental liability and operation compliance risks. Our services include ASTM Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, visual inspection of assets/records, site investigations, identification of environmental enforcement actions, and estimating known and potential environmental liabilities.

Adapting to Changing Fuels & Air Regulations

The dynamic energy demand and pricing forecasts, fluctuating fuel prices, and roll-out of new regulations requires a deep understanding of the many factors influencing environmental assessments and permitting of energy generation facilities. ESS is committed to staying current with the changing market and regulatory conditions to offer our clients advice on using new technologies, retrofitting existing older facilities, and converting retiring facilities. Our focus is on finding practical, reliable, and cost-effective solutions in response to these influences. ESS has prepared impact assessments and permit applications for fluidized bed coal-fired cogeneration and integrated coal gasification combined cycle projects, as well as generation facilities powered by non-traditional fuels, like biomass/biofuel and recycled waste streams.

Energy Generation Services

  •          Environmental Due Diligence
  •          Critical Flaw and Feasibility Assessments
  •          Facility Siting Board Applications and Permitting
  •          Environmental Impact Documents
  •          Expert Testimony and Agency/Siting Board Representation
  •          Multimedia Environmental Compliance (air, water, waste)
  •          Air Emissions Inventories, Reporting, and Permitting
  •          Best Available Technology Evaluations
  •          Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Monitoring and Compliance
  •          NPDES Stormwater and Wastewater Permitting and Compliance
  •          Pollution Prevention Plans
  •          Civil/Site Engineering Design
  •          Visual Impact Assessments and Simulations
  •          Construction Inspection and Environmental Monitoring
  •          Operating Permit Renewals, Written Plans, and Permit Compliance
  •    Decommissioning