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Case Study

Marina Bay Residences Flood Hazard Review
Marina Bay Residences Flood Hazard Review

ESS worked with the Hines development team to review Massachusetts Building Code requirements for a proposed residential tower to be located in a mapped FEMA Flood Hazard Zone. The building will be constructed at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA beginning in 2016.
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Coastal Engineering

Coastal DredgingCoastal engineering requires specialized expertise in coastal and offshore environments and a thorough understanding of coastal processes. ESS has substantial experience in waterfront development from concept development through construction. Our coastal engineering services address:

  • Dredging and Dredged Materials Management
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Marina/Port Facility Development and Maintenance
  • Stormwater and Flood Zone Management
  • Public Access and Navigation
  • Water Quality and Natural Resource Protection

A Coordinated Approach

ESS engineers work with our in-house scientists and permitting specialists early in the planning and design process to identify natural resources and regulatory jurisdictions. This complete understanding of site conditions yields cost-effective approaches to site planning and permitting, as well as final engineering design and construction. Coastal engineering needs the ESS team routinely addresses include:

  • Waterfront Planning and Concept Plan Development
  • Hydrographic Survey Specifications and Oversight
  • Watersheet Layout and Design (moorings, piers, navigation channels)
  • Navigation Studies
  • Dredge Plans and Permitting
  • Seabed/Sediment Sampling and Analysis
  • Tides, Waves, and Current Modeling
  • Stormwater Management and Drainage Control
  • Landscaped Berms, Buffers, and Visual Screening
  • Natural Resource Delineations
  • Ecosystem Restoration