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ESS Welcomes a New Senior Regulatory Specialist

John Simpson-crop

ESS is pleased to welcome John Simpson as an Associate and Senior Regulatory Specialist in coastal permitting and waterfront development.

John joins ESS to help manage and direct our continued growth in Chapter 91 Waterways Licensing consulting services. He will also work with our coastal engineers and scientists on a variety of port and harbor development services, including permitting for our marine energy and infrastructure markets.

John has more than 30 years of experience in waterways permitting. He served as a Coastal Zone Inspector for the City of Virginia Beach from 1982 to 1986. John then joined the MassDEP Chapter 91 Program as an Environmental Analyst and later he became the Waterways Program Chief. In 1999, John left MassDEP to become the Executive Director for the New Bedford Harbor Development Commission. In this role he led and managed a variety of port and harbor development projects between New Bedford and Fairhaven.

Through his experience, John has extensive expertise in complex Chapter 91 licensing standards and procedures, as well as MEPA, BRA Article 80, and Coastal Zone Management reviews. John has also served as an expert witness for Chapter 91 and other Waterways Regulation policy matters for the last 10 years.

ESS President & CEO Charles Natale stated, "We are so excited to have John join ESS. He and I worked so well together in the past while we were both at MassDEP. Now ESS has the unique distinction of being an environmental consultancy with two former Chapter 91 Waterways Program Directors to serve our clients." Together Charles and John offer more than 25 years of Chapter 91 Waterways Licensing experience and a professional history of regulatory program and policy development that cannot be matched in the waterfront development marketplace in this region.