Environmental Consulting & Engineering Services - from Concept to Reality

Environmental Compliance & Remediation

Case Study

Twin Cities CDC Redevelopment Project
Twin Cities CDC Redevelopment Project

ESS served as an environmental consultant for the renovation of the former Whitney & Co. factory in Leominster, MA into affordable housing. Now known as the Water Mill Apartments, this 58,000-square-foot redevelopment project preserved the historic structure that was in foreclosure, while also revitalizing a blighted area of Leominster.
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GSA Environmental Services Contract

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The transition from our Environmental Manager to ESS handling our day-to-day environmental compliance has been seamless. ESS has handled all our environmental compliance and reporting requirements and has kept us in full compliance of environmental regulations.

Alfred Canuel, Director of Engineering, Cranston Print Works Company

Overview - Environmental Compliance & Remediation

Industrial Facility InspectionESS has in-depth understanding and practical experience with environmental policies, regulatory programs, and remediation strategies. Our team of environmental scientists and engineers have provided environmental compliance and remediation services for a wide variety of properties and facilities including:

  • Energy Facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • Brownfield and Superfund Sites
  • Non-profit Redevelopment Sites
  • Federal Facilities and Installations

Comprehensive Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

ESS offers comprehensive regulatory permitting and compliance support that address a full spectrum of air, water, wastewater and hazardous waste issues, regulations, and policies. Drawing upon the collective experience of our staff we have developed technically sound and cost-effective strategies to achieve environmental compliance. The development and implementation of these strategies have lead to:

  •        Reducing waste streams
  •        Negotiating joint agency reviews and expedited permit application review
  •        Improving mechanisms to track permit conditions
  •        Executing effective monitoring programs
  •        Implementing phased compliance and cleanup strategies

Environmental regulations are constantly changing and we work diligently to keep our clients informed of the implications these changes might have on their business practices, missions, and programs. We work closely with our clients in evaluating regulatory requirements, and then develop coordinated strategies for conducting site investigations, performing facility assessments, preparing permit applications, and implementing monitoring programs. Our experience includes permitting support ranging from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to state and local programs regulating all aspects of environmental protection including CERCLA and state Superfund sites, wetlands, water, toxics, hazardous and solid waste, and air quality.

Environmental Management Solutions

ESS assists companies in setting up proactive environmental management programs to organize a facility’s environmental and compliance reporting needs in a comprehensive manner that helps ensure coordinated scheduling, documenting, and updating of environmental compliance activities. Written Environmental Management Plans clearly assign responsibility and require regular re-evaluation of facility practices and processes. ESS has found that these plans promote environmental performance, reduce environmental liabilities, identify cost saving measures, and demonstrate a corporate commitment to environmental compliance that is valued by customers, regulators, and the local community.

Remediation Strategies

ESS prides itself as being client advocates. Using our knowledge of state and federal regulations, we develop strategies that reflect our client budgets and potential reuse goals that comply with applicable regulations. Some of these strategies have involved green remediation designed to conserve natural resources, minimize waste generation, and reduce energy consumption while also improving performance of cleanup activities. Our remediation strategies target both short- and long-term, risk-based issues and seek to develop a practical and cost-sensitive remedial design/remedial action.

Core Environmental Compliance & Remediation Services

ESS helps our clients advance environmental sustainability, maintain environmental compliance, reduce environmental risk, and cleanup sites by providing a diverse set of core services including:

  •        Multimedia Environmental Compliance
  •        Air Emission Inventories and Reporting
  •        Air Quality and Clean Air Act Compliance
  •        Environmental Due Diligence
  •        Environmental Site Assessment
  •        Site Investigation and Feasibility Studies
  •        Brownfield Cleanup
  •        Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Compliance
  •        NPDES Stormwater and Wastewater Permitting & Compliance
  •        Environmental Management System and Compliance Auditing
  •        Federal, State, and Local Permitting
  •        Groundwater and Subsurface Investigations
  •        Soil Management Plans
  •        Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Plans
  •        Remedial Design and Monitoring
  •        Pollution Prevention Plans
  •        Environmental, Health and Safety Plans
  •        Construction Inspection and Environmental Monitoring